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9 Month Update

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A lot happens in three months. Especially when you are busy.  It certainly has been busy too.

The Palliser Estate website went live in mid-July. The result speaks volumes for the quality of the team (hi Lorin, Greg, and Josie) but also of the trust and faith Palliser had in us. Nice to know it’s a finalist for this year’s Best Awards.

National Bank’s refreshed internet banking went live in early August. I tell you, it’s a whole different thing changing a site that you personally use  (along with 600,000 other people).

Even though I was well familiar with the new design before it went live (how could I not? I created screenshots and specified the changes for almost every one of the 80 odd different pages) – my first reaction was still one of delight. I think it was something like: “Hey that’s my money. Hey that looks nice too.” Other customers seem to really like it as well.

It was sad saying goodbye to the National Bank project team but other opportunities were awaiting. Good luck Matt, Chris, et al…

This brings me to the next bit of news. I’m still working with the guys at Flightless, but I’ll be putting in my other 20 hours a week in with Springload. I’ve known the owners, Bron and Carl since my early Kiwibank days and I have a lots of respect for what they do. If everything goes to plan both companies will benefit. I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out. In the meantime, there’s a lot of information architecture in my future.

A final shout out goes to Tracey and Clare at Beyond: thanks heaps for the ANZ/National contract.

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