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Keeping up-to-date

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It’s a bit of double-edged sword not doing regular updates. As a busy digital strategist, I’d rather be helping my clients than promoting myself, but I really should practise what I preach. Give some content, get some traffic, and all that.

In the last year, I’ve continued to work with the guys at Flightless and in addition to some exciting work on the NZEI strategy we manage to put out an iPhone app – What Cocktail? It’s a fantastic and fun world when you create your own product. There might be a slight nagging doubt that I might have been a little too clever in hiding how it works, but no matter. Version 1.2 will be out soon.

On a less frivolous side, I’ve been doing some work with good folks at Springload. Great team but I’d be lying if it wasn’t a little strange doing some Kiwibank work again, but don’t get me wrong the work has been fantastic. Good thing there has been Wellington Airport, Interislander, the Deaf Association, and few others to keep me  on my toes too.

It has also been fun doing some digital strategy for my good friends at Redvespa. Ah Business Analysts. There’s something really comforting about hanging out with my kind of people again.

As for the Toronto thing – I’ll keep you posted, unless you are in the GTA and happen to need a digital strategist/senior business analyst and the we should talk.

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