A digital strategist and experienced management consultant with expertise leading teams of creative problem solvers.


Modified: August 9th, 2021

Currently living in Martinborough, New Zealand, Kim is Theta‘s UX / UI Pratice Lead where he’s delivered the NZeTA mobile app and data rich websites. You may know him from his days providing customer experience and strategic advice to Inland Revenue or user experience at the Ministry of Justice or even from leading the business analyst capability at Z Energy. It’s also possible you know him from his grape growing and hospitality at Dara Vineyard.

From 2011 to 2014  Kim was  heading up Sapient Global Market’s visualization team and leading Moveable Online’s professional services business while he was living in Canada. Prior to that he provided strategic consulting and business analysis for the great people at  FlightlessSpringload and Redvespa. In 2010 he released an iphone app (in conjunction with Flightless) and provided some business analysis to ANZ National Bank for their Internet Banking refresh. Going way back to 2007-2010 Kim lead a team of IT business analysts at Kiwibank. Having been a business analyst himself for over 8 years and worked in the design and creative industries, he prides himself on being able to wrangle teams of problem solvers and creative types.

Growing up in Montreal, Kim learned to shovel snow, speak french, and appreciate hot summers. He finished high school and university in Toronto. Sometime in 1994 he got a job working for a company that published business and inflight magazines.

In 1995, Kim moved to New Zealand where he worked for a couple of state owned enterprises (Airways, NZ Post) and for a few interactive design companies (Shift, Oktobor, Zivo). This led to working as a business analyst for TelstraClear, Sytec, and  Kiwibank. He’s now sharing his skills with organisations who need a problem solver or who want someone to quickly make sense of a complex environment.

Despite writing about himself in the 3rd person, Kim prides himself on clear communication.

You can get hold of Kim here:  kim@kimlumsden.com, or give him a call on  +64 21 646 442 or  kim-lumsden for Skype calls.