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6 monthly update

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Time sure flies when you are busy. It’s been six months since I left the secure world of Kiwibank. Working with GrowlyPaw at the beginning of the year was good fun and welcome use of the grey matter. The time with Flightless has been fantastic. The clients, NZEI and Palliser are great to work with and participating in the launch of Top Dog – Farmyard Adventures, a Flightless iphone application, has been superb.

To keep bread on the table and not let my BA skills get rusty, in March I grabbed 20 hours a week with ANZ helping to sort out National Banks internet banking changes. I’ll keep you posted when it all goes live – but it certainly keeps me busy and good thing the people I work with are lovely.

I’m still loving having so many projects, clients, and locations to swap through – it’s good for the mental agility. The down side is I haven’t managed to make much progress on my own iphone application.

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